Bee Dazzled Cakes

Custom Gourmet Cakes & Confections


Let your guests Be Dazzled by your centerpiece!

Basic wedding cakes start at $3.25 per serving.

Fondant, chocolate and marzipan covered cakes are $3.75 per serving.

Sheet cakes are two layers with a filling of your choice, starting at $2.25 per serving.

Fresh fruit, or organic cakes are based on seasonal availability and cost of organic ingredients.

Vegan, Gluten -free, and Diabetic friendly cakes are available upon request!

Decorations made from chocolate, gumpaste, royal icing, and hand piping are not included in this pricing as each aspect of the cake is specifically designed for your unique cake.

Sugar flower pricing depends on size and flower complexity. Starting small rose for $.50+

I will deliver and set up all wedding cakes at the venue myself to ensure your cake is  exactly the way you design it to be. The delivery fee will be included with the cake contract. Cakes delivered outside of the greater Richmond area are subject to delivery fees based on time and distance.

Cupcakes are available upon request for $2.25 each, $12 per half-dozen and $23 per dozen.

Cake pops are made to order in any flavor or shape starting at $2.50 for basic round cake pops, this does not include any specialty ingredients or shapes. 

I price everything to order. I don't pre-make cakes or have a surplus on hand of cupcakes so order well in advance of your next event!

I have been known to barter and trade with friends so if you have a trade and need dessert I'm always willing to do anything I can to support the Locals too ;-)!


Every cake is made from scratch with the best quality ingredients. I never use box mixes, icing or fondant. I have many delicious options for flavors. Sweet and savory, Grandma's baking book recipes and endless resources to find the exact flavor you're looking for! I was one of the first in my collective of friends and family to start adding specialty beers to create cake masterpieces. Fondant is hand made using marshmallow. Options also include rolled buttercream and vegan marshmallow fondant.

My flavors include but are not limited to:

Triple chocolate stout with chocolate or vanilla mousse and fresh berries (lambic mousse optional)

Fluffernutter cake with or without bananas (peanut-butter cake with marshmallow buttercream and chocolate ganache)

Triple chocolate fudge cake (any flavor icing or filling, chocolate chips optional)

Malted milkball cake (chocolate fudge cake with malted buttercream, ganache optional)

Chocolate-covered berry cake - marbled with your choice of berries/ fruits (seasonal )

Caramel or butterscotch cake

Triple chocolate cayenne cake with salted caramel filling

Strawberry lemon cake (strawberry cake with lemon mousse and buttercream)

Coconut cream cake (with coconut mousse and toasted coconut flakes)

Farmhouse breakfast cake (cornbread style cake with bacon and black pepper topped with maple brown sugar buttercream)

Almond cake (really good with cranberries and cream cheese buttercream)

Vanilla bean cake (good with chocolate, vanilla or cream cheese icing)

Yellow butter cake (good with any icing!)

Red velvet cake (mostly requested with cream cheese or marshmallow buttercream)

Grasshopper cake (like the drink - Kahlua, Bailey's, mint, chocolate - need I say more?!)

Oatmeal cookie cake (good with any kind of buttercream and peaches)

Spice cake (gingerbread or cinnamon cake good with cream cheese buttercream)

Pumpkin cake (cream cheese buttercream is good with this!)

Apple cake - peach cake - carrot cake - fruit cakes (you decide!)

Watercress Salad Cake (with golden raisins, pistachios, pineapple and white chocolate buttercream)

Mint, or orange, with chocolate (mix and match!)Fresh organic home grown chocolate mint and orange mint ;-)

I'm glad to try anything you can come up with! Grandma's recipe, Vegan, Vegetarian, and low-cal, welcome!