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Jennifer Quinn

I'm a self-taught baker and mother of three working out of my second kitchen at home. I love teaching the kids in the neighborhood how to play with their food ;-) I'm so lucky to have my dreams become a reality and really enjoy the art of sugar.  I've been lucky enough to give a one of a kind cake to Paula Deen from the Food Network.  I've worked in a lot of high quality restaurants over the years and developed a taste for finer things, especially sweet desserts and specialty beers.

I pledge to impress you with my skills with sugar. Please check out the Rates and Services page for pricing and available flavors. I can always work with you to create new and unique flavors just for your event! I pride myself on being able to create something different every time ;-)

I will devote all of my talent to teach up and coming sugar artists with the desire to learn no matter the obstacle!! (age, money, disability... )! If you want to learn all I've taught myself, you're welcome to get in touch with me and we can learn together in the never ending school of sugar! With all the new gadgets and technology there's never a shortage of things to learn ;- IT'S TIME TO ENJOY THE ART OF PLAYING WITH YOUR FOOD ;-)

My Cake Dreams

I love the artistry that goes into cakes and I hope one day to have a few cake charities under my wing. I grew up in the custody of the state of Virgina and I know just how hard the kids in the system have to work in order to receive the same opportunities as every other child.

If you are a cake artist, I would love to collaborate on starting a national cake auction where bakers everywhere unite for the same cause... Saving the World One Cake at a Time! Every baker donates a cake regionally to be auctioned with all proceeds going to the most deserving and financially needy charities nationwide, and beyond! Kind of like the Oklahoma State Sugar Art Show but as a charity!